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आदतें बदलें ! कौन सी ? क्यों ? कैसे ?

Change Habits ! which ? why ? how ?

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Published on Sep 29, 2013
आदतें बदलें ! कौन सी ? क्यों ? कैसे ? Change habits, which, why and how is a training program for success. Why we change our habits and which habits should be changed and how those habits can be changed? This motivational inspirational Success video in Hindi, mainly covers seven bad habits viz. nail biting, lip picking, playing with hair, bad studying habits, bad eating habits, smoking and drugs. This video training course also explains how other bad habits can also be managed.

Changing habits is required to succeed because where ever you are today is because of your habits and if you want to change the destination, you need to change the habits.

Motivation puts you into first gear and habits change your gear to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5t and
ultimately auto mode. Today where ever you are only because of your habits. If having good health because of habit of early rising, work outs, excercise etc.
and if having bad health, that too because of your habits of late rising, not walking and not excercising. If you know your goal and know the ways to your goal and
your habits are helping you to achieve those goal then do not attempt to change the habits. If your habits are hurdles in your way to success then surely change
them. I wil discuss seven habits in this video which are obstacle to your health viz.

1. Nail biting
2. Picking lips
3. Playing with hair
4. bad eating Habits
5. not Studying habits
6. Drugs
7. Smoking

I will also discuss something in general so that you can get rid of other bad habits. Experts believe that you need to replace the old bad habits with new good habits.
Do not think of leaving old habits instead think of adopting new habits then plan and execute to apply in your life. I have often discussed about visualisation
in many videos. You get only what you visualise, you dream of, likewise visualise of new good habits, how will you feel after you get those habits and after you
leave those bad habits, what will be the impact on your life, your image, your self confidence etc.

Do you feel small by your tiny bad habits? Do your self confidence lowers due to your bad habits?

First of all let me explain something generalised. Try to replace one habit at one time. Your mind will convince you to postpone it to tomorrow but do not surrender
because this part of the brain is very lazy and will not let you succeed. Think of people who put you in the bad habits, think of place where you go into bad habits,
think of time etc. manage all those persons, places, times, objects, one by one. Reward yourself everytime you get a new habit, a good habit. And the reward goes to
T S Madaan for adopting a new habit.

If we talk of nail biting, or lip picking habit or playing with hair or smoking or drug or bad eating habits or habit of not studying, change the place, the time,
the arrangement of furniture, the wall painting, direction of television, bed sheet etc. Suppose you smoke on a chair, change it etc.

WARNING: mix your intelligence with my instructions while following them.

Respect the persons who insist you to leave the bad habits. He or she must be your well wisher and will give you more ideas to leave the bad habits, knowingly
or unknowingly. I wanted to give a smile while driving, so I fixed a smiley on my rear mirror and also I use such smileies in my home. So the T S madaan converted
into T S Madaan, means thoda smile to total smile. Like wise I developed the habit of appreciation. Suppose you take bed tea in the morning and want to leave it,
replace this habit with warm lime water.

Suggetsion: If still you feel your old habits are not being left then close your eyes, sit silently and think of the loss namely physical, social, mental, FINANCIAL,
emotional and spiritual. Write all this on a piece of paper and paste on the wall in front of you.

Advise: Consult a doctor or psychologist or psychiatrist in case you are facing difficulties in leaving old bad habits.

This training video is being dedicated to Dale Carnegie, Stephen Covey, Brain Tracy, Jack Canfield, Zig Ziglar, Sandeep Maheshwary, Rajesh Antil, Himeesh Madaan and Rajesh Agarwal. I am thankful to Vinod Choudhary of Crossing republic, Ghaziabad, who suggested me to make this video.

You can invite me for my powerful, effective and unique inhouse motivational seminar in your next conference convention seminar or any such event. For details and quotation, visit my website www tsmadaan dot in

May all of you get more Success and more Happiness

तरविंदर सिंह मदान
मोटीवेश्नल स्पीकर एवं लाइफ कोच
T S Madaan @ Tarvinder Singh Madan
Motivational Speaker & Life Coach

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