Sunday, October 12, 2014

Baba Sent Us---We are with You-AMURTEL

My Slideshow about AMURTEL relief visit to J and K

This slideshow related to AMURTEL Relief work in Jammu Kashmir's severe flood affected areas which were just like disconnected from active life . They had no hope for survival . When The AMURTEL team reached they gotb it as a surprise, as a miracle of God . Flood affected areas and the peoples were in the badly unhealthy conditions . They had no any medicine, no food, no water, no cloth . AMURTEL provided them a quick releif according to the sources.AMURTEL team distributed food, medicines and cloths etc . in Udhampur alone AMURTEL team provided medical assistance to the 1000 peoples. More than 500 hundereds blankets were also distributed to them. in Anantnag AMURTEL team distributed five quintal Rice, Pulses, oil and 500 soaps. In a Jammu village AMURTEL also distributed the relief items to these unfortunate peoples. All these relief operations were carried out under the supervision of RSL Chandigarh Ananda Ratna Jyoti Acarya along with DSL Delhi Ananda Gopa Acarya, DSL Jammu -Ananda Sarvagya Acarya, DSL- Sunder Nagar Ananda Suddharshila, DSL-Ludhiana Lipika Acarya. 
AMURTEL team continued this relief operation from 30th September 2014 to 7th October 1014. This relief operation was an assurance that you are not alone. We all with you . AMURTEL team injected a new hope in the broken hearts of the peoples. AMURTEL team proved that India is one from Kashmir to Kanyakumari .

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