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"Mool Mantra" (long meditation) in Raag Gunkali

14-05-2012 पर प्रकाशित                      
Bibi Gurdev Kaur OBE sings Mool Mantra fin a meditative style, for half an hour with her group, in Raag Gunkali, a beautiful morning raga. This is a continuous singing of mool mantra for half an hour and can be used for meditation.

Subtitles are provided for listeners to follow the Fundamental Prayer of Sikhs and may be sing along too. The aspirants who cannot read Punjabi can read along in Hindi and can also learn Punjabi with the help of Hindi. Extra diacritical marks (given in the original script for grammer and translation) that are not pronounced in reciting the Bani, are removed from Hindi script to make the reciting pure and easy for the aspirants

Mool Mantra is the foundation of Sikh philosophy; its world view and its experience of Truth. It is the first Shabad (hymn) sung by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first and the founder of the Sikhs some five hundred and fifty years ago.
"Mool" means root and mantra is composed of "Mun" or a collective term for thoughts and emotions, sometimes translated as "Mind" and "Tra" means a technique or method of swimming across. So, Mantra is a tool and technique that is utilized as mental tool for Self-growth towards Self-Realisation.

Mool Mantra is indeed a magic formula that through mindful remembrance (simran), a combination of Naam (Mantra) and Dhyan (Meditation) gives rise to Gyan (intuitive access to wisdom). The Mool Mantra is the very foundation of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's thought and is the Fundamental Prayer of Sikhs.

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