Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Indira Gandhi's 96th birth anniversary being observed today

18-11-2013 पर प्रकाशित
A grateful Nation pays homage to Indira Gandhi on November 19 -- the anniversary of her birthday. Born with the name 'Priyadarshini', one with pleasing looks -- she remained true to the description, radiating an ambience of rare charisma in her footsteps everywhere 'Shrimati Indira Gandhi adorned whatever she handled with the gift of a golden touch.
Brought up in a family enjoying the heights of affluence Indira was nurtured in the backdrop of the freedom struggle. She grew up listening to patriotic songs like "Vandemataram". Shrimati Indira Gandhi was indeed a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional figure. A flash-back takes one to Asiad 1982, staged in Delhi. A change of guard brought Indira Gandhi to the helm. She took up the challenge and with the help of her team proved to the sports world that India can stage the Asiad. Starting from scratch, with not a 'naye paisa' in the coffer, it was as if Indira Gandhi waved a magic wand. And a magic carpet for sports and games was spread across the venues. The sports extravaganza cast a spell all around. Asiad 1982 brought India immense prestige. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi gave the Nation's capital the state-of-the-art most modern stadia. The International Olympic Council's President, Samaranch flew into Delhi to confer the supreme honour of the "Gold Order". He came specifically to present India's Prime Minister the 'blue-ribbon' of the world sports and games. She was hailed as the 'Patron Saint' of Indian Sports. Courtesy: pib.nic.in//INBMINISTRY//YouTube

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