Sunday, October 27, 2013

सोनी सोरी की कहानी सुनो

Soni Sori Ki Kahani      कल सुनवाई के लिए सर्वोच्च न्यायलय के सामने आयेगा जमानत का मामला 

26th Januray, 63rd independence day is the darkest day of the Indian democracy . While Ms. Soni Sori, the victim of this heinous torture languishes in the Raipur Central Jail, with a deteriorating health condition, and waits for her case to be listed in the Supreme Court, women's teams who have been taking up the case of her torture have been refused permission to meet her. She is still under the custody of the same state police has that inflicted this torture on her.
What has been terribly shocking and perturbing is the fact that while in custody she has been subjected to gross sexual torture, by S. P Ankit garg evidence of which has come to light following a Supreme Court directive for medical examination in a government hospital in Kolkata. Compounding her crisis is the fact that despite this damning evidence, Soni Sori has remained in the custody of the Chhattisgarh police for all this while.

सोनी सोरी की कहानी सुनो                        सोनी सोरी को दी जा रही हैं एक्सपायरी दवाएं

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